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Into The Electric Castle (Special Edition)

: Ayreon
: CD
14,99 €
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For the production of his Space Opera, one of the most well regarded Ayreon records, Arjen Lucassen invited a lot of high calibre vocalists into the studio: guests were among others Fish, Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), and Ed Warby (Gorefest).

The theme: representatives of various eras are meeting in the Electric Castle, a structure built out of their own fears. They all are searching for the escape door into their own present. Musically a work of the best symphonic rock, especially for lovers of analogue synth sounds (Clive Nolan of Arena is responsible for the soli) it's a feast.

This special edition contains a 26 page booklet with new editorial by Arjen Lucassen as well as a multi media part featuring interviews conducted with Lucassen.

Titel Into The Electric Castle (Special Edition)
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Welcome To The New Dimension (00:03)
02. Isis And Osiris (00:11)
03. Amazing Flight (00:10)
04. Time Beyond Time (00:06)
05. The Decision Tree (We´Re Alive) (00:06)
06. Tunnel Of Light (00:04)
07. Across The Rainbow Bridge (00:06)
08. Sequence One (Enhanced Element) (00:17)
Disc 2
01. The Garden Of Emotions (00:09)
10. Another Time, Another Space (00:05)
11. Sequence Two (Enhanced Element) (00:07)
02. Valley Of The Queens (00:02)
03. The Castle Hall (00:05)
04. Tower Of Hope (00:04)
05. Cosmic Fusion (00:07)
06. The Mirror Maze (00:06)
07. Evil Devolution (00:06)
08. The Two Gates (00:06)
09. Forever Of The Stars (00:02)