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The Final Experiment (Special Edition)

: Ayreon
: CD
14,99 €
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Just in time for the tenth anniversary of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's band project Ayreon, comes the long awaited release of this special edition version of The Final Experiment. This re-issue is being released as a double album at a special low price. Disc 1 features the original album, while disc 2 features 9 newly recorded semi-acoustic versions of tracks from the The Final Experiment.

Combining aspects of folk, hard rock and metal to create a bombastic and daring rock opera, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen created a winning formula that recalled the glory of bands like Rainbow, Led Zeppelin and Queen. Equally, repeated listens detected further influences of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Rick Wakeman. It was this diverse blueprint that became the precursor for future monumental epics such as Into The Electric Castle and The Human Equation.

For this re-issue, Arjen Lucassen recorded together with nine male and female vocalists and a h

Titel The Final Experiment (Special Edition)
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Prologue (00:03)
10. Listen To The Waves (00:04)
11. Magic Ride (00:03)
12. Merlin´S Will (00:03)
13. The Charm Of The Seer (00:04)
14. Swan Song (00:02)
02. The Awareness (00:06)
03. Eyes Of Time (00:05)
04. The Banishment (00:11)
05. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy (00:02)
06. Sail Away To Avalon (00:04)
07. Nature´S Dance (00:02)
08. Computer-Reign (Game Over) (00:03)
09. Waracle (00:06)
Disc 2
01. Dreamtime (Semi-Acoustic) (00:04)
02. Eyes Of Time (Semi-Acoustic) (00:03)
03. The Accusation (Semi-Acoustic) (00:03)
04. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy (Semi-Acoustic) (00:02)
05. Sail Away To Avalon (Semi-Acoustic) (00:03)
06. Nature´S Dance (Semi-Acoustic) (00:02)
07. Waracle (Semi-Acoustic) (00:05)
08. Merlin´S Will (Semi-Acoustic) (00:03)
09. The Charm Of The Seer (Semi-Acoustic) (00:03)