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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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Universal Migrator 1+2 (Special Edition)

Universal Migrator 1+2 (Special Edition) Ayreon CD I 0IO00665

Between his both rock operas Into The Electric Castle (1998) and The Human Equation (2004) Dutch artist Arjen Anthony Lucassen released under the heading The Universal Migrator, Part I & II two albums which were thematically connected but musically very different The Dream Sequencer and The Universal Migrator. It is the appeal of opposites: The Dream Sequencer offers atmospheric dense songs, deeply rooted in progressive rock, on the other hand, The Universal Migrator offers a lot of the time sheer metal force as Lucassen later pursued it with his heavy project Star One.

Both album now as double CD which were originally released as single CDs. Special edition, with an extended booklet of 36 pages and new liner notes by Arjen Lucassen.

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