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Sleeping In Traffic: Part One

: Beardfish
: CD
14,99 €
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After two independently released albums, Swedish quartet Beardfish are proud to release their strongest effort yet 'Sleeping in Traffic: Part One' on InsideOut Music and open themselves up to a far broader audience. An audience which will no doubt be intrigued by the band's retro sound.

Beardfish have styled themselves after the big bands of the 70's but they go far beyond their influences producing original and imaginative, progressive music with folk elements. There is no doubt that this band is breathing new life into the genre.

Titel Sleeping In Traffic: Part One
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. ... On The Verge Of Sanity (00:47)
10. Without You (02:39)
11. Same Old Song (Sunset) (07:51)
02. Sunrise (07:54)
03. Afternoon Conversation (03:42)
04. And Never Know (05:59)
05. Roulette (12:07)
06. Dark Poet (03:24)
07. Harmony (07:20)
08. The Ungodly Slob (06:42)
09. Year Of The Knife (07:28)