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Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two

: Beardfish
: CD
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Their current album, Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two, features quotes from almost all eras of music history, blending them into an unmistakable sound. Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two sounds enthralling and timeless and has depth and substance without overtaxing its listeners with overly intricate structures. And last but not least, a distinct sense of humour pervades Beardfish's music in general and the eight songs on their current release in particular.

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater): Sweden's Beardfish are my favorite new band with an old sound. Utilizing all of the classic styles and sounds of the original progessive rock bands of the 70's (mellotron, hammond organ, leslies, clean guitars, dry organic drums, etc.), these guys are making music for the folks who truly miss
the classic bands that started this whole genre. Check out their latest
releases Sleeping in Traffic - Parts 1 & 2 and you'll swear it's 1973 all
over again!

Titel Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. As The Sun Sets (01:12)
02. Into The Night (08:51)
03. The Hunter (05:56)
04. South Of The Border (07:43)
05. Cashflow (06:07)
06. The Downward Spiral Chimay (07:10)
07. Sleeping In Traffic (35:44)
08. Sunrise Again (01:37)