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: Incura
: CD
: 24.02.2014

Everything about INCURA appears to be as unique as their name, and the deeper you dig, the more you realize how true this sentiment really is. Their new self-titled album is the debut release for InsideOut Music after an independently released EP in 2009 and takes you on a thrilling and adventurous ride.

INCURA’s music is virtually unclassifiable. Their influences are an impressive, cross-cultural mix ranging from savage, crunching metal grooves to technical prog-rock prowess; from classic rock arrangements to operatic drama. Probably, not the type of music you would expect from a young band originally coming from a small Canadian city in the Prairies.

While INCURA’s music is not easy to grasp, just as the band’s name is a derivate from a spell in the Final Fantasy game, you might quickly find yourself spellbound to its inventiveness and diversity. The band’s message though is simple; be a leader not a follower. Always question why. Be your own person. It's this powerful and positive projection of passion, self-worth and tenacity that unites the band with their devout fans. Their emotional intensity is an empowering release. INCURA is indeed a vision, realized.

Titel Incura
InsideOut Music