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The Tall Ships

: It Bites
: CD

The Tall Ships features twelve drivingly and at the same time transparently produced numbers, beginning with the deeply melodic 'Oh My God', an opener that lives up to the most demanding standards and radiates a positive atmosphere throughout. Then there are multi-layered numbers such as 'Ghosts', 'Playground', 'Lights' and 'Memory Of Water', which fascinates with its harmonies and rhythms and features a clearly audible organ part. The same applies to the rock number 'The Wind That Shakes The Barley', reminiscent of early Yes, with its edgy guitars, booming Hammond organ and the imposing vocals, which performs a successful digression through the whole history of the genre. Two equally impressive tracks are the title song, which proves the band's talent for great anthems, and the opulent, experimental 'This Is England' with its more than 13 minutes playing time. To cut a long story short: all tracks impress with their compositional diversity and the exceptional skills of the musicians i

Titel The Tall Ships
It Bites
InsideOut Music

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Map Of The Past by It Bites CD 26.03.2012
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