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The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part II) (Special Edition)

: Jolly
: CD
: 04.03.2013
6,99 €
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Two years after the release of JOLLY’s The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part I) now the second part of the two-part series that is scientifically designed to bring a listener to a state of true happiness will be released! “The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part II)” is now here so all of the people left hanging from Audio Guide I can finally complete their journey towards happiness. Don’t be surprised if crime rates plunge in 2013.

Titel The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part II) (Special Edition)
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Guidance Three (01:43)
02. Firewell (06:43)
03. You Against the World (05:11)
04. Aqualand and the 7 Suns (04:07)
05. Dust Nation Bleak (05:09)
06. Golden Divide (05:45)
07. Guidance Four (01:00)
08. Lucky (02:37)
09. While We Slept in Burning Shades (05:17)
10. Despite the Shell (06:42)
11. As Heard on Tape (05:34)
12. The Grand Utopia (06:18)