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Long Distance Calling

: CD
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Rather than baffling the masses with a wall of odd time signatures and synchopated rhythm - the proclaimed formula so many bands use and abuse when claiming to be progressive - LONG DISTANCE CALLING's new outing serves up seven tracks written from a traditional song-oriented perspective in spite of the extended arrangements. This translates to instant appeal for fans of indie and prog rock as well as metal. Our writing is very song orientated; the song itself is the most important thing. We're mostly jamming when we write songs, trying to find a basic structure and then filling and building it up with sounds, melodies and atmospheres. On the new album we rediscovered the power of the riff. It's the most diverse recording we've done so far. That diversity comes from the individual members' personal tastes and influences, citing acts like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tool, A Perfect Circle and Alice In Chains as bands that have inspired the energy. We don't listen a lot to other instrumenta

Titel Long Distance Calling
Long Distance Calling
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