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Impossible Figures

Impossible Figures Magellan CD I 0IO00398
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

Harsh guitars, driving rhythms and partly bombastic keyboard arrangements: on this basis the brothers Trent and Wayne Gardner unfold an abundance of melodic refinements. This also concerns the use of wind instruments and influences of classical music.

Also available as special edition packaged as Digibook including bonus track.


Disc 1
01. Gorilla With A Pitchfork (00:01)
02. Killer Of Hope (00:10)
03. Bach 16 (00:02)
04. Late For Church (00:06)
05. Confessor´S Overture (00:02)
06. Hymn For A Heathen (00:03)
07. A World Groove (00:06)
08. Counterpoints (00:05)
09. Feel The Cross (00:06)

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