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Frames (Special Edition)

: Oceansize
: CD + DVD
18,99 €
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The name of the band speaks volumes about their music. The emotional depth of their compositions can only be compared to the size of an ocean. Oceansize is currently one of the most innovative bands and they appeal to the ever growing need of music lovers to look beyond formatted three minute pop songs. Frames is the third album by Oceansize.

Deluxe Special Edition comes in a box with the CD-album, a sticker and a 120 minutes DVD showing Oceansize playing the full Frames album live and some bonus content. (PAL)

Titel Frames (Special Edition)
[CD + DVD]
Superball Music

Disc 1
01. Commemorative T-Shirt (08:37)
02. Unfamiliar (06:32)
03. Trail Of Fire (08:06)
04. Savant (08:06)
05. Only Twin (07:22)
06. An Old Friend Of The Christys (10:19)
07. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions (06:42)
08. The Frame (10:40)
Disc 2
01. Frames Full Live Album Performance (Dvd Live In Studio)
02. Recording Frames Documentary (Dvd) (02:00)
03. Commemorative T Shirt Unfamiliar (Dvd Live On Stage) (03:00)
04. Trail Of Fire (Dvd Live On Stage) (04:00)
05. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions (Dvd Live On Stage) (05:00)
06. Slideshow (Dvd) (06:00)