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On The Two Deaths Of

: DVD + CD

In a world governed by increasingly rigid rules and conformist conceptions of art, Pain of Salvation have created their own niche on the international music scene. Their intelligently composed and cleverly arranged songs mix metal, pop, funk, disco, goth and folk with Arabian and Oriental influences plus other more or less extreme musical styles into a homogenous whole. Pain of Salvation consciously do without any kind of artistic compromise, the only criterion for their compositions being top quality and profound contents.

Their latest double live DVD/CD, On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation, scheduled for release at the start of 2009, will conclude phase one of their diverse career in order to pave the way for the second chapter.

The tracks were recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on March 2nd, 2007 during their successful Scarsick tour. The DVD is rounded off with exciting behind-the-scenes footage and an extensive retrospective featuring many important landma

Titel On The Two Deaths Of
Pain Of Salvation
[DVD + CD]
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