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Road Salt Two

: CD
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ROAD SALT TWO once again presents PAIN OF SALVATION at its most emotionally intense and stylistically colourful, with a predominant 70's vibe, yet, in direct comparison to Road Salt One, it might strike the listener as being a bit darker. It basically serves as a perfect breed between 'old' and 'new' PAIN OF SALVATION, while also presenting a different and previously unheard PAIN OF SALVATION. Road Salt goes full circle historically for the band, and as Gildenlöw puts it, the two 'Road Salt' albums together are earthy, grainy and gritty. And to me that was the whole main idea; to bury our fingers and feet deeply into that soil of emotions and intellectual analysis of contemporary society, before adding: Every album is like an organism. You live with it and you breathe with it, especially this one since it's a double-album, which means that as you change, as time passes by, you will get second, third and fourth perspectives on all the songs. You lose your objectivity pretty early-on in

Titel Road Salt Two
Pain Of Salvation
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Road Salt Theme (04:44)
10. Through The Distance (02:56)
11. The Physics Of Gridlock Horse (08:43)
12. End Credits (03:25)
02. Softly She Cries (04:15)
03. Conditioned (04:15)
04. Healing Now (04:29)
05. To The Shoreline (03:03)
06. Eleven (06:55)
07. 1979 (02:52)
08. The Deeper Cut (06:10)
09. Mortar Grind (05:46)