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With a primal screamish 'Sick', Pain of Salvation mastermind Daniel
Gildenlöw introduces the album 'Scarsick' (2007). What follows are
first-rate songs that can be aggressive and massive as well as peaceful and
harmonious at the same time - all in the tradition of albums like 'The
Perfect Element Part I' and 'Remedy Lane'.

The album kicks of with 'Scarsick' and 'Spitfall', songs full of energy
that are dominated by ferocious metal riffs and raging rap lyrics. Tracks
like the beautiful melodic and quiet 'Cribcaged' and 'Kingdom of Loss'
provide a total contrast to the latter, and 'America' and 'Disco Queen'
manifest the innovative potential of these Swedes.

Titel Scarsick
Pain Of Salvation
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Scarsick (07:08)
10. Ehter Rain (10:03)
02. Spitfall (07:17)
03. Cribcaged (05:56)
04. America (05:05)
05. Disco Queen (08:22)
06. Kingdom Of Loss (06:41)
07. Mrs Modern Mother Mary (04:14)
08. Idiocracy (07:04)
09. Flame To The Moth (05:58)