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The Dark Third

: CD
14,99 €
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This is how British new art rock in the year 2007 sounds like: The long

opener with its slide guitar sound distantly reminds of the early Pink

Floyd; what follows offers unequalled opportunities: refined pop music

combined with fussy rock elements and pompous, powerful progressive rock

influences from a more recent mould, soft psychedelias, spacey copious

fragments and Muse-like synth arpeggios.

All this is blended together in an unusual way that is hard to define.

Spherical guitar and keyboard sounds are music-beneficial, and not at all

conspicuous, much agreeable to the regular change from male to female

voice - or both combined - including clever, interlacing Beach-Boysian vocal arrangements.

Unlike the UK and US release, this InsideOut product contains a 5-track bonus CD with two previously unreleased tracks as well as an exclusi

Titel The Dark Third
Pure Reason Revolution
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Aeropause (05:06)
02. Goshen´S Remains (05:44)
03. Apprentice Of The Universe (04:16)
04. The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning (11:56)
05. Nimos & Tambos (03:44)
06. Voices In Winter / In The Realms Of The Divine (06:34)
07. Bullits Dominae (05:22)
08. Arrival / The Intention Craft (08:53)
09. He Tried To Show Them Magic! / Ambassadors Return (13:15)
Disc 2
01. In Aurelia (03:59)
02. Borgens Vor (04:17)
03. The Exact Colour (04:05)
04. The Twyncyn / Trembling Windows (07:16)
05. Golden Clothes (07:31)