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Wall Street Voodoo

: Roine Stolt
: CD

Flower king Roine Stolt got the blues: On almost the complete disc 1 (on disc 2 only sometimes) blues rock elements are dominating, deep-rooted in late 60's and early 70's. The whole thing sometimes strongly reminds of Hendrix, or of Robin Trower or Mountain too because of the guitar which is always characteristic, virtuoso, and massively enriched with effects (Wah-Wah!), and also playing many soli.

Roine Stolt combines this style partly with psychedelic and progressive touches, on a melodic level also with pop influences, sometimes in a modern grooving style. All in all a very individual, courageous, very varied and original sound. Partly very intense and rocking, partly light und diverse, then again more complex; solid but also atmospheric, humming, wavering. Very beautiful: the shimmering, roaring, mercurial organ (rarely electric piano, Mellotron; on disc 2 more synth/prog).

Double album released in 2005, among others with Neal Morse (formerly Spock's beard)

Titel Wall Street Voodoo
Roine Stolt
InsideOut Music