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The Human Condition

: Saga
: CD

For months, thousands of Saga fans have been asking themselves anxiously: how will the band sound with the new vocalist Rob Moratti? Before going into any more detail, let's answer the big question: on their latest album, The Human Condition, Saga still sound unmistakably like Saga but with a big dash freshness. The essential elements of the sound which the band has continuously developed over decades, their rocking attitude, haunting melodies, virtuoso solo passages and intelligent arrangements, haven't changed one bit in 2009. To cut a long story short: The Human Condition is 100% Saga, and much more. Or, as Ian Crichton comments: It's still us, of course with a different twist, some of the ideas on the CD are more prog than before.

So The Human Condition substantiates the good news about Saga's unaltered sound: they are continuing their great career and are set to present many more examples of their great creative power. Our hope is that people like the new Saga album as m

Titel The Human Condition
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