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Dimensionaut (Special Edition)

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Simon Collins, son of legendary musician Phil Collins, and Dave Kerzner (Sonic Reality, Kevin Gilbert) are back with their new band Sound Of Contact! The concept album“Dimensionaut” features a wide range of styles and dynamics from dark and mysterious progressive rock to nostalgic classic rock to high energy alternative to sci-fi film score-infused “space rock”. The special edition comes in a special package, a so called pocket pac.

Titel Dimensionaut (Special Edition)
Sound Of Contact
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Sound Of Contact (02:05)
02. Cosmic Distance Ladder (04:43)
03. Pale Blue Dot (04:44)
04. I Am Dimensionaut (06:24)
05. Not Coming Down (06:01)
06. Remote View (03:54)
07. Beyond Illumination Feat. Hannah Stobart (05:53)
08. Only Breathing Out (05:56)
09. Realm Of In-Organic Beings (02:52)
10. Closer To You (05:05)
11. Omega Point (06:29)
12. Möbius Slip (19:35)
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incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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