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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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Demons Spiritual Beggars CD I 0IO00321
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Irrespective of trends over the last thirty years, whenever a new style came into being or when something was touted as being the future of Rock n' Roll - classic rock music survived and thus stood the test of time. Names like Mountain, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Ronnie James Dio are all synonymous with the term timeless. Joining this tradition are Spiritual Beggars, one of the hottest acts to evolve in recent years. Their latest album Demons changes past perceptions and approaches to the genre and brings them into the present.

Demons is released as a standard edition CD with poster booklet and also as a special edition housed in a slip-case featuring the poster booklet and a bonus disc, Live in Japan, which includes eight tracks recorded live in Tokyo from April 2003.


Disc 1
01. Inner Strength (Intro) (00:01)
10. In My Blood (00:04)
11. Elusive (00:03)
12. Sleeping With One Eye Open (00:03)
13. No One Heard (00:05)
02. Throwing Your Life Away (00:03)
03. Salt In Your Wounds (00:03)
04. One Man Army (00:03)
05. Through The Halls (00:05)
06. Treading Water (00:03)
07. Dying Every Day (00:05)
08. Born To Die (00:04)
09. Born To Die (Reprise) (00:01)

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