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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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Beware Of Darkness (Special Edition)

Beware Of Darkness (Special Edition) Spock's Beard CD I 0IO00033
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

Second album shows the Beard was no one hit wonder!  Digitally remastered including bonus tracks.

After their critically acclaimed masterpiece The Light, fans and critics alike were keen to see if the band could repeat the magic on the follow up. Of course, the band manages to destroy the myth that second albums can often break a band. Beware Of Darkness explodes with melody and is just as infectious as their debut. Mixed by the late, great Kevin Gilbert, the album features classic Beard tunes such as the epic The Doorway and the title track - a cover of the George Harrison song.  

This digitally remastered edition contains bonus demo versions of The Doorway and Beware Of Darkness.


Disc 1
01. Beware Of Darkness (Bod) (00:05)
02. Thoughts (Bod) (00:07)
03. The Doorway (Bod) (00:11)
04. Chatauqua (Bod) (00:02)
05. Walking On The Wind (Bod) (00:09)
06. Waste Away (Bod) (00:05)
07. Time Has Come (Bod) (00:16)
08. The Doorway (Home Demo) (00:10)
09. Beware Of Darkness (Home Demo) (00:05)

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