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Day For Night

Day For Night Spock's Beard CD I 0IO00084
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After The Light, Beware Of Darkness, and Kindness Of Strangers the triumphal procession of the beards continued with the fourth album Day For Night released in 1999. Highlights are: Gibberish with a four vocal movement à la Gentle Giant, the power rocker Skin and its sequel The Gypsy, the prog thunderstorm Crack The Big Sky as well as the 22 minute long cracker The Healing Colours Of Sound which is divided in six parts.


Disc 1
01. Day For Night (00:07)
10. Mommy Comes Back (00:04)
11. Lay It Down (00:03)
12. The Healing Colors Of Sound (00:03)
13. My Shoes (Revisited) (00:03)
14. Hurt (Bonus Track) (00:03)
02. Gibberish (00:04)
03. Skin (00:03)
04. The Distance To The Sun (00:05)
05. Crack The Big Sky (00:09)
06. The Gypsy (00:07)
07. Can´T Get It Wrong (00:04)
08. The Healing Colors Of Sound (Part 1) (00:02)
09. My Shoes (00:04)

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