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Spock's Beard

: CD
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This self-titled album from 2006 offers the best of the old and the new Spock's Beard: Already the Opener 'On A Perfect Day' reminds of songs such as 'Harm's Way' or 'In The Mouth Of Madness' from the 'Neal'-era.

The whole album can be regarded as an attracting journey through different musical styles: progressive fusion, hard rock and groove, to name only a few. The arrangements are tighter than ever, being graded up by strings and brass - especially suitable for the 17-minutes suite 'As Far As The Mind Can See'. The catchy chorus Of 'Rearranged' finally provides a perfect ending to a perfect album.

CD in gimmick slipcase with cut logo.

Titel Spock's Beard
Spock's Beard
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. On A Perfect Day (07:47)
10. Dreaming In The Age Of Answers (Afatmcs Part 1) (04:49)
11. Here´S A Man (Afatmcs Part 2) (03:28)
12. They Know We Know (Afatmcs Part 3) (03:18)
13. Stream Of Unconsciousness (Afatmcs Part 4) (05:23)
14. Rearranged (06:07)
02. Skeletons At The Feast (06:33)
03. Is This Love (02:51)
04. All That´S Left (04:45)
05. With Your Kiss (11:46)
06. Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go (04:31)
07. The Slow Crash Landing Man (05:47)
08. Whereever You Stand (05:09)
09. Hereafter (05:01)