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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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5 Symphony X CD I 0IO00219
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

Orchestral, pompous and extremely powerful: These are the very striking features of Symphony X's fifth piece of work. Already on their former album 'Twilight in Olympus' they drew attention to mythological elements. Then, on 'V', they created their own mythological universe: A complex story about the creation of the world and the perpetual battle between good and evil that was made into a speedy and imaginative album and that is predominated by bombastic Latin choirs and a double bass hammering like a thousand thunderstorms to fast and furious synth solos - anything a prog metal heart desires.


Disc 1
01. Prelude (00:01)
10. Absence Of Light (00:04)
11. A Fool´S Paradise (00:05)
12. Rediscovery (Segue) (00:01)
13. Rediscovery (Part Ii)-The New Mythology (00:12)
02. Evolution (00:05)
03. Fallen (00:05)
04. Transcendence
05. Communion And The Oracle (00:07)
06. The Bird-Serpent War/Cataclysm (00:04)
07. On The Breath Of Poseidon (00:03)
08. Egypt (00:07)
09. The Death Of Balance/Lacrymosa (00:03)

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