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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Symphony X CD I 0IO00671
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

After a five years' break, Symphony X have succeeded to produce an album that besides its characteristic nature of massive and symphonic hi-speed arrangements also contains newly facets that takes various twists and turns.
'Paradise Lost', to date, is probably the most aggressive album of this band around mastermind Michael Romeo and singer Russell Allen.

Subsequent to a bombastic introduction that reminds of choir sounds of Orff's Carmina Burana follows an inferno of a song: 'Set The World On Fire  - a successful way in to a 60-minutes mania of prog metal. Yet, with 'The Sacrifice' the album also contains a ballad which is based on more classic guitar sounds.

Also available as special edition in a lavish fold-out Digipak with bonus DVD containing rare live recordings.


Disc 1
01. Oculus Ex Inferni (02:34)
10. Revelation (Divius Pennae Ex Tragoedia) (09:17)
02. Set The World On Fire (05:55)
03. Domination (06:29)
04. Serpents Kiss (05:03)
05. Paradise Lost (06:32)
06. Eve Of Seduction (05:04)
07. The Walls Of Babylon (08:16)
08. Seven (07:01)
09. The Sacrifice (04:49)

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