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Meet The Flower Kings

: CD
6,99 €
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This concert of Europe's groundbreaking prog band, The Flower Kings, was recorded in the Uppsala theatre in Sweden in 2003. The music amazingly suited the noble surrounding. The set comprises 150 minutes of their best epics, including the one hour suite 'Garden Of Dreams' from the album 'Flower Power' (1999).

Also available as two different DVD releases.

Titel Meet The Flower Kings
The Flower Kings
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. The Truth Will Set You Free (Mtf) (00:31)
02. Garden Of Dreams Part 1 (Mtf) (00:27)
03. Garden Of Dreams Part 2 (Mtf) (00:17)
Disc 2
01. Humanizzimo (Mtf) (00:23)
02. Circus Brimstone (Mtf) (00:11)
03. Silent Inferno (Mtf) (00:16)
04. Stardust We Are (Mtf) (00:26)