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The Road Back Home

: CD
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With 'The Road Back Home' Roine Stolt and his Flower Kings present their first best-of album - in fact hard to believe. While other bands in the fast-moving music business decide to produce such an album after their second or third release, these Swedes had no less than eleven studio albums preceding. For this album, chief flower king Roine Stolt has chosen 27 songs from a rich source of song material and remixed them partly to a great extent.

Songs like the previously unreleased Little Deceiver, the groovy-danceable 'Cosmic Lover', the blues-rocking 'Paradox Hotel', the prog anthems 'A King's Prayer' and 'Stardust We Are'
and the carefully constructed 'The Road Back Home' with a unique saxophone solo speak for themselves. In any case, you can expect brilliant melodies that are wrapped up in not too ordinary arrangements.

Remastered double CD in a slipcase packaging (first pressing). A cover version of the Genesis classic 'The Cinema Show', which has no

Titel The Road Back Home
The Flower Kings
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Cosmic Lover (06:14)
10. What If God Is Alone (06:42)
11. Starlight Man (03:28)
12. Grand Old World (05:02)
13. The Road Back Home (08:52)
14. Cinema Show (11:56)
02. A Kings Prayer (05:34)
03. Stupid Girl (04:41)
04. Cosmic Circus (03:12)
05. Babylon (02:00)
06. Paradox Hotel (05:40)
07. World Without A Heart (03:50)
08. Church Of Your Heart (06:11)
09. Vox Humana (04:21)
Disc 2
01. Ghost Of The Red Cloud (04:41)
10. Monkey Business (04:21)
11. Compassion (04:44)
12. The Flower King (10:54)
13. Stardust We Are (08:41)
02. Painter (06:48)
03. I Am The Sun (P2) (04:22)
04. Different People (05:14)
05. Little Deceiver (03:56)
06. Chickenfarmer Song (05:06)
07. The Rythm Of The Sea (04:40)
08. Touch My Heaven (05:45)
09. Life Will Kill You (06:36)