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Unfold The Future (Re-issue 2017)

Gatefold black 3LP+2CD

: LP + CD
: 03.11.2017
24,99 €
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They are regarded by many as one of the leading progressive rock outfits of recent years. THE FLOWER KINGS are led by prog rock icon, guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer Roine Stolt into a world of unlimited musical fantasy and flair. Playing its first ever live date in August 1994 as a result of the interest in Stolt's solo album "The Flower King", the band quickly became somewhat of a phenomenon in the progressive rock community for everyone that once loved bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Zappa, UK, Utopia, Yes, ELP, King Crimson or Focus. Now, 15 years after its original release in 2002, InsideOutMusic teamed up with Roine Stolt to not just reissue but rather re-visit the band’s opulent “Unfold The Future”, which has been widely hailed as a classic in its own right. Inspired by the idea of doing this album on vinyl for the first time, Stolt remixed several tracks like the 30 minutes long opening track as this monument would not have fit on one LP side in the first place. He explains: “For this re-release I have carefully remixed “The Truth Will Set You Free”, “Devil’s Playground” and “Black & White” - it wasn’t easy to find, or even remember, where all files resided. These remixes (more than one hour worth of music) are, as I see it, more detailed and better balanced - where I found this album to be painfully brutal, overly compressed and rough in the original 2002 mix, at times.” The entire album has been also remastered in 24bit/96khz, features liner notes from Stolt and still is a highly diverse stylistic journey that now can be rediscovered in its ultimate edition!

Titel Unfold The Future (Re-issue 2017)
The Flower Kings
Gatefold black 3LP+2CD [LP + CD]
InsideOut Music