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: The Tangent
: LP

COMM is the new studio album from The Tangent, most likely the first band to release a band-made MP3 on the internet and surely one of the first bands that used the Net  to connect the UK with Sweden, making their album before the members at the time had even met each other.  
.. so it was a given that The Tangent would also use the power of the Net for COMM. This time you will find a solo on the album played by a musician who took part in the Tangent's competition to record a solo for the band over the Net. Musicians from all over the world submitted solos, and The Tangent fans voted on the best one.

Titel COMM / LP+CD
The Tangent
InsideOut Music

The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery by The Tangent Gatefold black 2LP+CD 21.07.2017
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Proxy by The Tangent Ltd. CD Digipak 16.11.2018
7,99 €
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