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Down And Out In Paris And London

: The Tangent
: CD
: 04.06.2012

Down And Out In London And Paris, their latest of five studio releases to date, sees prog rock band The Tangent concentrate more than ever before on their artistic expressiveness. Our new album is a 100 per cent musical project. Where the previous album, Not As Good As The Book, was this whole multimedia thing with illustrations and science fiction novel, this one is about five pieces of music on one CD, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Andy Tillison points out. In terms of format, it's more like our very first album, kicking off with a 19-minute piece which I am sure fans of the band's prog stuff are going to like. Hopefully a lot!
By the way, the album has nothing to do with the novel by George Orwell at all, other than the conscious borrowing of his title. There are two songs on the album about poverty, one set in Paris, one set in London.

Fifth studio album by The Tangent around mastermind Andy Tillison. Feat. Guy Manning, Theo Travis (Gong, Porcupine Tree, Soft Machine)

Titel Down And Out In Paris And London
The Tangent
InsideOut Music

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