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Not As Good As The Book

: The Tangent
: CD

The Tangent have released their fourth studio album on InsideOut Music in March 2008. Entitled Not As Good As The Book its the band's most ambitious project to date, and the special edition includes a full novel by band leader and keyboards player Andy Tillison Diskdrive.

The CD itself is a double CD featuring shorter songs on disk one and two epic tracks on disk two. This album features guitarist Jakko M Jakzsyk, solo artist, session musician and former singer and guitarist of the 21st Century Schizoid Band. Although most of the Tangent's usual hallmarks are there, there are some deviations into new areas... The album's theme is of the problems facing many of us in Mid Life.... and seeks to redress the imbalance created by the fact that most rock songs are about young peoples ideas and problems.. The future that we dreamed of when we were young is here ..... and it's Not as Good as the Book!

The novel (special edition only) is a short humorous fantasy sci-fi st

Titel Not As Good As The Book
The Tangent
InsideOut Music