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Genesis Revisited II (clear 4LP+2CD) LP + CD
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The Music That Died Alone

The Music That Died Alone The Tangent CD I 0IO00568
14,99 € incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs

Although Roine Stolt (guitar, vocals), Jonas Reingold (bass) and Zoltan Csorsz (drums), perform on this album, the music sounds not at all like The Flower Kings: Under control of keyboardist Andy Tillison (Parallel or 90 Degrees) came out an album that reminds - with its wonderful low key mode - of experimental progressive rock of the early 70s full of jams and jazz influences. Especially the song featuring David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator) on saxophone is worth mentioning here. 'The Canterbury Sequence', however, is dedicated to the music style that bands like Caravan and Egg established in the 70s.


Disc 1
01. In Darkest Dreams (00:20)
02. The Canterbury Sequence (00:08)
03. Up-Hill From Here (00:07)
04. The Music That Died Alone (00:12)

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