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Christ 0

: Vanden Plas
: CD
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Nine songs in almost 70 minutes running time - Vanden Plas guide us on an journey which impressively proves that prog metal doesn't always need to end in neverending soli and complex playing styles. Here the musicality of a matured and leading band of the genre dominates, a band that unites on a completely consistent and breath-taking album melodiousness, virtuosity, excitement, conceptual song lyrics (Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte Christo), and enthusiasm for playing.

Album from 2006. Features the choir of the Kaiserslautern Pfalztheater. First edition with bonus track Gethsemane.

Titel Christ 0
Vanden Plas
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Christ 0 (00:05)
10. Ghetsemane (00:06)
02. Postcard To God (00:06)
03. Wish You Were Here (00:09)
04. Silently (00:08)
05. Shadow I Am (00:05)
06. Fireroses Dance (00:06)
07. Somewhere Alone In The Dark (00:05)
08. January Sun (00:10)
09. Lost In Silence (00:04)
7,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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