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Destined Solitaire

: Beardfish
: CD
7,99 €
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For Beardfish from Sweden, stylistic barriers are there to be torn down. Their unique sound mixes elements from a variety of genres, from prog through independent to jazz rock, classical music and metal, from sixties, seventies and eighties influences to the most contemporary and trailblazing variations. Their latest album, Destined Solitaire, is a musical adventure trip of the unusual kind, always exciting, always haunting, and at the same time as colourful as it is detailed. To cut a long story short: Destined Solitaire is an opus which offers much to discover.

First edition comes in Digipak.

Titel Destined Solitaire
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Awaken The Sleeping (06:01)
02. Destined Solitaire (10:53)
03. Until You Comply Including Entropy (15:21)
04. In Real Life There Is No Algebra (04:33)
05. Where The Rain Comes In (08:29)
06. At Home ... Watching Movies (01:53)
07. Coup De Grace (09:48)
08. Abigails Questions (09:12)
09. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (10:40)