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: Beardfish
: CD

A prime example of the artful rock of Sweden´s Prog Champions is their new album Mammoth. An apt title indeed. We were at my place watching childrens cartoons from the 80s. All of sudden there was a big wollen Mammoth on the TV screen, and our guitarplayer David Zackrisson said: ,I love Mammoths. They are probably my favorite animals.' So the quartett agreed to choose Mammoth as album title. There is some stuff in the lyrics that could be connected to the ice age. Nobody knows which of our animals will survive because things get rather cold. And the Mammoth is extinct already. It´s a parallel of what people do to themselves, because people are self-destructive, reckons Rikard.

On the whole Sjöblom thinks the new stuff is a little harder and rougher than previous records. For the song And The Stone Said If I Could Speak we even had a guy come in to do some metal growls. All of us like metal and have listened to it since we were kids. The styles of Mammoth reach from riff base

Titel Mammoth
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4626-COMFORTZONE by Beardfish CD 12.01.2015
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