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Rise Radiant

Gatefold transp. red 2LP+CD

: LP + CD
: 22.05.2020

With ‘Rise Radiant’, Caligula’s Horse look forward to releasing their most focussed and potent artistic statement yet, an uncompromising exploration of the human experience dressed in vivid musical colour and virtuosic performances. It is the culmination of the band’s artistic development, concentrating the expressive stylings which have endeared Caligula’s Horse to legions of fans worldwide. But it is also far more. Rise Radiant is the Caligula’s Horse sound pushed to its extremes: at once its most ferocious and its most touching, its most expansive and its most condensed, its most poetic and its most vicious. Rise Radiant is an anthem for the regeneration of self-belief, an exploration of the themes of legacy, and a rallying cry for survival. Available as a Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP + CD & Digital Album (all featuring 2 bonus tracks).

Titel Rise Radiant
Caligula’s Horse
Gatefold transp. red 2LP+CD [LP + CD]
InsideOut Music

Limited to 200 copies!! / Limitiert auf 200 Stück!!

Bloom by Caligula’s Horse Standard CD Jewelcase 05.10.2018
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