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13 Winters

Ltd. Deluxe 8CD Artbook

: Frost*
: Artbook
: 20.11.2020

Frost* were formed back in 2004 by Jem Godfrey, back then better known to the wider world for creating chart-topping hits for acts including Atomic Kitten, Shayne Ward and Holly Valance. Godfrey was privately becoming increasingly frustrated by the creative limitations of the pop genre and made a conscious decision to record an album true to his own childhood roots in progressive rock to let off a bit of steam. Teaming up with John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Kino, Arena, It Bites…), Frost* took form and created three stunning albums to date as well as the 2020 digitally released “Others – EP”. The latter is now combined with a disc full of rarities and two live records, the studio albums, the instrumental version of “Falling Satellites” as “13 Winters” artbook-anthology resulting in a comprehensive collection of Frost*s back catalogue, remastered (“Experiments in Mass Appeal” was remixed and remastered to be precise) and expanded with additional art, liner notes by Nick Shilton (PROG) and more. Prior to releasing a new album in 2021, this limited 8 disc artbook-set is the best possible collector’s format to dig deep into the group’s impressive discography which shapeshifts ingeniously between prog and pop, between complex and catchy, heavy and melodic.

Titel 13 Winters
Ltd. Deluxe 8CD Artbook [Artbook]
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