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Special Edition 2CD Digipak

: Kayak
: 2 CD
: 12.01.2018
15,99 €
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Formed back in 1972, KAYAK is the most legendary Dutch progressive rock act and now presents its highly anticipated 17th studio album! “Seventeen” contains 60 minutes of epic & melodic rock that finds a perfect balance between diverse long tracks such as ‘La Peregrina’, ‘Cracks’ or ‘Walk Through Fire’ and straighter anthems like ‘All That I Want’, ‘Somebody’ or the hard rocking ‘Feathers And Tar’! A brilliant union of 70’s classic rock, progressive arrangements and straight-forward, catchy rock with excellent musicianship and powerful vocals. KAYAK achieved tremendous success from the late 70’s onwards, cracking the US top 50 charts with the single ‘Want You To Be Mine’ in 1978, holding number #1 in the Dutch charts for several weeks with the Platin awarded “Phantom Of The Night” album, which was released in 1979 and included the hit single ‘Ruthless Queen’. Now, with singer Bart Schwertmann and guitarist Marcel Singor joining Ton Scherpenzeel as the band’s creative core and additional members Kristoffer Gildenlöw (bass / ex Pain Of Salvation) and Collin Leijenaar (drums / Affector, Neal Morse, Dave Bainbridge), a reborn KAYAK once again proves that the band's name - though chosen randomly back in 1972 - is as appropriate as ever. Just when everyone expects the boat to sink, it miraculously resurfaces and sails on. The Special Edition includes a bonus disc with 36 minutes of demo recordings created back in 2016.

Titel Seventeen
Special Edition 2CD Digipak [2 CD]
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. Somebody (03:04)
02. La Peregrina (11:42)
03. Falling (03:08)
04. Feathers And Tar (03:14)
05. Walk Through Fire (10:23)
06. Ripples On The Water (03:40)
07. All That I Want (03:47)
08. X Marks The Spot (01:58)
09. God On Our Side (03:30)
10. Love, Sail Away (03:12)
11. Cracks (08:50)
12. To An End (03:32)
Disc 2
01. Cracks (10:16)
02. La Peregrina (12:21)
03. Falling (03:00)
04. Walk Through Fire (10:41)
Seventeen by Kayak Special Edition 2CD Digipak 12.01.2018
15,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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Seventeen by Kayak Gatefold black 2LP+CD 12.01.2018
20,99 €
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