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KUTS (Ltd. CD Edition)

: CD
: 01.06.2015
12,99 €
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“KUTS” is the second album of Alkaline Trio front-man and guitarist Matt Skiba and presents a successful emancipation from his main band’s sound towards an individual mix of alternative rock, post-punk and new wave pop. Due to the fact that his bandmates Hunter Burgan (bass) and Jarrod Alexander (drums) had way more creative input than on 2012’s “Babylon”, “KUTS” is a much more rounded out and impressive opus. Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck, and The Vines etc.).

Titel KUTS (Ltd. CD Edition)
Matt Skiba and the Sekrets
Superball Music

01. Lonely and Kold (02:55)
02. She Wolf (03:14)
03. Krazy (03:13)
04. She Said (02:33)
05. I Just Killed to Say I Love You (03:16)
06. Way Bakk When (03:55)
07. Krashing (03:44)
08. Hemophiliak (02:33)
09. Never Believe (04:11)
10. Vienna (02:20)