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Gnosis (black LP+CD)

: Monuments
: LP
: 16.10.2015
16,99 €
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British progressive metal act MONUMENTS was formed in 2007, quickly establishing themselves at the forefront of a new generation of prog metal bands alongside Periphery, TesseracT, Vildhjarta and many more. From a surprise appearance on BBC Radio 1 to debut full-length, “Gnosis” (2012), the group immediately found a fanatic audience. Praised for their brainy yet song-oriented approach to heavy music, MONUMENTS bridged the progressive metal gap like few before. On one side they challenged: “Gnosis“” was full of mind-bending, betcha-can’t-play-this-type passages. On the other side, fans deeply connected to hook-laden songs like “97% Static” and “Empty Vessels”. Their 2014 released album “The Amanuensis” expanded on that and further cemented the band’s status firmly within the progressive metal realm, but in 2015 Century Media and the band decided to re-visit the classic MONUMENTS debut and finally issue it on vinyl! Mastered for vinyl by the band’s own John Browne and featuring an alternative artwork picked together with the band, too, “Gnosis” also boasts extras such as a remix track as LP bonus plus the entire album as instrumental version included on a bonus CD. Especially the latter was highly sought after by MONUMENTS’ fans for years. So, here we are: A stunning vinyl edition of an essential modern progressive metal opus!

Titel Gnosis (black LP+CD)
Century Media Records

LP Side A
01. Admit Defeat (04:13)
02. Degenerate (04:12)
03. Doxa (04:32)
04. The Uncollective  (03:57)
05. Blue Sky Thinking (05:13)
LP Side B
01. 97% Static (04:30)
02. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise (03:46)
03. Regenerate (05:35)
04. Denial (05:15)
05. Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise (Paradigm Shift Remix) (03:46)
01. Admit Defeat (instrumental) (04:16)
02. Degenerate (instrumental) (04:12)
03. Doxa (instrumental) (04:32)
04. The Uncollective (instrumental) (04:32)
05. Blue Sky Thinking (instrumental) (05:13)
06. Memoirs (instrumental) (03:58)
07. 97% Static (instrumental) (04:30)
08. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise (instrumental) (03:46)
09. Regenerate (instrumental) (05:35)
10. Denial (instrumental) (05:15)
16,99 €
incl. VAT excl. shipping costs
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