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Special Edition CD Digipak

: Next To None
: CD
: 07.07.2017
9,99 €
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“Phases” is the second studio album by rising young metallers NEXT TO NONE who recently played their successful first European tour as support of label-mates Haken. Formed in 2012, and based in Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, the quartet released their well-received debut “A Light In The Dark” in 2015. But if this set a template for the band's style, then this has now been excitingly stretched. “We actually began to write songs for the new record as soon as we finished the first one,” explains drummer Max Portnoy. “This time we are a lot heavier than on our debut and this is more of the sound and style we want. Sure, we still have the progressive element to what we do, with odd time signatures. But through Derrick (guitarist / replaced Ryland Holland in 2016) we have a lot more shredding, and our shorter songs are more obviously metal. However, there's still a balance between the various influences we have.” The result is a modern, progressive and damn heavy affair that is reminiscent of Meshuggah, Periphery as well as Haken or Between The Buried And Me. The album artwork was crafted by Travis Smith (Opeth, Anathema) perfectly visualizing the topic of ‘grief’ present in several songs. With “Phases” NEXT TO NONE emancipate and evolve from their debut, manifesting in a confident and dynamic second opus.

Titel Phases
Next To None
Special Edition CD Digipak [CD]
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. 13 (00:53)
02. Answer Me (06:25)
03. The Apple (03:51)
04. Beg (02:47)
05. Alone (09:28)
06. Kek (10:30)
07. Clarity (07:28)
08. Pause (04:22)
09. Mr. Mime (03:18)
10. Isolation (01:26)
11. Denial (08:05)
12. The Wanderer (19:45)
Phases by Next To None Special Edition CD Digipak 07.07.2017
9,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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