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Emotional Tattoos

Gatefold transp. orange 2LP+CD

: 2 LP
: 27.10.2017

Limited to 500 copies!

“Emotional Tattoos” is the sensational new album by Premiata Forneria Marconi (aka PFM), Italy's most legendary progressive rock band! PFM is a very eclectic and exuberant musical group with a distinctive style that impressively combines rock, progressive, and classical music into one mesmerizing sonic entity. Formed in 1970, the band quickly gained a prominent place on the international scene by making it to the Billboard charts (for 1973’s “Photos Of Ghosts”), and winning a gold record in Japan while constantly ruling the charts in their home country until today. PFM was honoured with position #50 in the “UK Classic Rock Hall of Fame” of the 100 most important artists in the world as well as being awarded two gold records in their home country in 1971 and 1997. “Emotional Tattoos” marks the return of the band's trademark sound after two rather experimental releases. The new album takes a melodic rock route while offering surprising musical twists and turns including moody synths, orchestral arrangements, straight-forward guitar-driven passages and wonderful ballads. The transparent orange vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide and includes the Italian version both on vinyl and CD!

Titel Emotional Tattoos
Premiata Forneria Marconi
Gatefold transp. orange 2LP+CD [2 LP]
InsideOut Music

Emotional Tattoos by Premiata Forneria Marconi Special Edition 2CD Digipak 27.10.2017
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Emotional Tattoos by Premiata Forneria Marconi Gatefold black 2LP+2CD 27.10.2017
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