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Condition Hüman

: Queensryche
: CD
: 02.10.2015
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QUEENSRŸCHE secured a triumphant legacy as one of hard rock’s most respected and celebrated acts, selling over 20 million albums around the world across a 30-plus-year career. After their successful, self-titled 2013 album, Century Media Records proudly presents the 14th studio album, which offers everything QUEENSRŸCHE fans could ask for: Dark and epic melodies, heaviness and diversity, thought-provoking lyrics, stunning choruses, and versatile musicianship, from vigorous metal anthems like “Arrow Of Time” or “Hellfire” over power ballads such as “Bulletproof” to the almost 8 minutes long title-track, QUEENSRŸCHE are at the top of their game in 2015. Rest assured that an impressive metal year just got even more impressive! Produced by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Sanctuary), QUEENSRŸCHE is a must-have for all fans of progressive heavy metal.

Titel Condition Hüman
Century Media Records

01. Arrow of Time (03:59)
02. Guardian (04:20)
03. Hellfire (05:05)
04. Toxic Remedy (04:09)
05. Selfish Lives (04:58)
06. Eye9 (03:21)
07. Bulletproof (04:01)
08. Hourglass (05:10)
09. Just Us (05:58)
10. All There Was (03:44)
11. The Aftermath (00:56)
12. Condition Hüman (07:46)
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12,99 €
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