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Anno Domini High Definition

: Riverside
: CD
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In a society which continues to develop at breathtaking speed, racing through world history in seven-league boots, mercilessly trampling down anything unable to keep pace with this ruthless goose step, Riverside have composed an album which is a perfect reflection of our times. An offering full of symbolism - starting with the fact that the title of their fourth release consists of four words and that the album is precisely 44:44 minutes long - and an intelligent stocktaking of reality. Anno Domini High Definition is no concept album in the classic sense, although it features a central theme and a haunting message. It's a story about people who angrily state that such-and-such a device is no longer fashionable, before theyve even learnt how to use it properly themselves. Even worse - it's no longer usable, because there's something better on the market now, Mariusz Duda, vocalist, bassist, guitarist and lyricist of the four-piece explains. For me, those are the thoughts of people who w

Titel Anno Domini High Definition
InsideOut Music

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Disc 1
01. Hyperactive (05:45)
02. Driven To Destruction (07:06)
03. Egoist Hedonist (08:57)
04. Left Out (11:00)
05. Hybrid Times (11:54)