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Rapid Eye Movement

: Riverside
: CD
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Riverside's music can best be described as a cross between atmospheric Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree, mixed up with modern metal elements. Their sound is fresh and authentic and they are without a doubt one of THE up and coming bands of the genre at the moment! Rapid Eye Movement is the highly awaited third album by Riverside, featuring the polish hit single 02 Panic Room.

Titel Rapid Eye Movement
InsideOut Music

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Czech Republic   Poland  

Disc 1
01. Beyond The Eyelids (07:56)
02. Rainbow Box (03:36)
03. 02 Panic Room (05:29)
04. Schizophrenic Prayer (04:20)
05. Parasomnia (08:10)
06. Through The Other Side (04:05)
07. Embryonic (04:10)
08. Cybernetic Pillow (04:35)
09. Ultimate Trip (13:13)