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Voices In My Head-ep

: Riverside
: CD
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Re-release of this EP which came out in 2004 now as an extended version with almost 40 minutes running time: The first edition with five studio tracks not to be found on any Riverside album is out of print, an already published new edition in Poland contains three additional live recordings from 2004. Apart from that the edition on InsideOut Music offers a multi-media part with the video track Acronym Love, photo gallery, discography, as well as an extended booklet.

On the website Babyblaue Seiten, Germanys biggest web portal for artrock and similar music ( a review tells about the Voices In My Head studio tracks: There is much acoustic guitar, floating keyboards, and very subdued drumming. Songs such as Us, Acronym Love, and The Time I Was Daydreaming are radiating an almost unreal floating mood, most of all carried by the extraordinary nice voice of Mariusz Dudas. (...) Fans of the quieter and more psychedelic pieces of Porcupine Tree and furthermor

Titel Voices In My Head-ep
InsideOut Music

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Disc 1
01. Us (00:02)
02. Acronym Love (00:04)
03. Dna Ts. Rednum Of F. Raf (00:07)
04. The Time I Was Daydreaming (00:04)
05. Stuck Between (00:03)
06. I Believe (Live) (00:03)
07. Loose Heart (Live) (00:05)
08. Out Of Myself (Live) (00:03)
09. Acronym Love (Video)