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After reinventing themselves with Feel Euphoria following the departure of Neal Morse, Spock's Beard continues to forge ahead covering new ground with Octane. It's become evident that the band is now more comfortable, having made a conscious effort to step outside Morse's shadow. The album has a harder rock edge to it but combines this with Ryo Okumoto's trademark Hammond and Mellotron sounds. Musically the Beard has stayed true to themselves but have allowed themselves to grow, as can be heard on the instrumental NWC. They still excel at writing progressive epics and this album is no exception with the mammoth A Flash Before My Eyes.

Once again, the band have collaborated with song writer John Boegehold  and the results are a varied yet more consistent effort that show Spock's Beard are still a major force in the world of progressive rock.

Octane is also available as special edition digi-book with extended booklet and bonus CD.

Titel Octane
Spock's Beard
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. The Ballet Of The Impact (00:05)
10. The Planet´S Hum (00:04)
11. Watching The Tide (00:05)
12. As Long As We Ride (00:05)
02. I Wouldn´T Let It Go (00:04)
03. Surfing Down The Avalanche (00:03)
04. She Is Everything (00:06)
05. Climbing Up That Hill (00:03)
06. Letting Go (00:01)
07. Of The Beauty Of It All (00:04)
08. Nwc (00:04)
09. There Was A Time (00:04)