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The Light (Special Edition)

: CD
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The one that started it all! Pioneering debut by American progsters - a classic. Digitally remastered including bonus track.

Spock's Beard's debut album is a milestone in contemporary progressive rock. In the tradition of the great prog rock classics from the 70's. Characterised by speedy Hammond and synth lines, fiery guitar solos and lush Mellotrons fused together with unbelievable skill into epic compositions that burn their infectious melodies into your head. A must for any true fan of progressive rock!

Remastered edition includes a bonus demo version of the title track.

final stocks with slipcase

Titel The Light (Special Edition)
Spock's Beard
InsideOut Music

Disc 1
01. The Light (Tl) (00:15)
10. The Light (Home Demo) (00:15)
02. Go The Way You Go (Tl) (00:12)
03. The Water (Tl) (00:23)
04. On The Edge (Tl) (00:06)
05. The Light (Home Demo) (00:15)
06. The Light (Tl) (00:15)
07. Go The Way You Go (Tl) (00:12)
08. The Water (Tl) (00:23)
09. On The Edge (Tl) (00:06)