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Genesis Revisited II: Selection

: CD
: 13.05.2013
9,99 €
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Genesis Revisited II: Selection includes one brand new rerecorded Genesis track “Carpet Crawlers” not available on the first version of this release. The vocals for “Carpet Crawlers” are provided by Ray Wilson, who replaced Phil Collins on the last Genesis studio album “Calling All Stations”. Other singers include Nik Kershaw, John Wetton, Francis Dunnery and Steven Wilson.

Titel Genesis Revisited II: Selection
Steve Hackett
InsideOut Music

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Disc 1
01. Carpet Crawlers (05:14)
02. Eleventh Earl Of Mar (07:51)
03. The Lamia (07:57)
04. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (08:10)
05. Entangled (06:35)
06. Shadow Of The Hierophant (10:45)
07. Can Utility And The Coastliners (05:50)
08. Afterglow (04:08)
09. Blood On The Rooftops (06:56)