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The Total Experience Live In Liverpool


: BluRay
: 24.06.2016
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Former Genesis guitarist STEVE HACKETT renowned for his incredible, moody playing style and sense for creating otherworldly melodies recently had several reasons to celebrate. In 2015 for instance, his solo record “Wolflight” hit the charts in Germany and the UK whereas his first solo record, “Voyage Of The Acolyte” turned 30 years old! Known as a fantastic live performer, Hackett and his fantastic backing band including Roine Stolt, Gary O’Toole, Roger King, Nad Sylvan, Amanda Lehman, Rob Townsend as well as a guest appearance by his son John were touring on this occasion with a diverse set presenting classic Genesis tracks plus highlights from Hackett’s solo albums. Recorded and filmed in Liverpool in October 2015, “The Total Experience Live In Liverpool” commemorates the “Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Classics” tour and offers a stunning set-list including solo tracks from the epic “Shadow Of The Hierophant” to “Love Song To A Vampire” as well as Genesis highlights including “The Cinema Show”, “The Musical Box”, “Firth Of Fifth”, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, “Can-Utility and the Coastliners” and more during the second half of the over two and half hour long main show. In addition to that, both the standalone Blu-ray and the 2CD/2DVD deluxe package offer documentary footage allowing an intimate look behind the scenes. “The Total Experience Live In Liverpool” is essential for all Hackett supporters.

Titel The Total Experience Live In Liverpool
Steve Hackett
BluRay [BluRay]
People Like You Records

Disc 1
01. Corycian Fire Intro (Live in Liverpool 2015) (01:12)
02. Spectral Mornings (Live in Liverpool 2015) (05:41)
03. Out of the Body (Live in Liverpool 2015) (02:57)
04. Wolflight (Live in Liverpool 2015) (09:12)
05. Every Day (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:46)
06. Love Song to a Vampire (Live in Liverpool 2015) (08:54)
07. The Wheel's Turning (Live in Liverpool 2015) (08:23)
08. Loving Sea (Live in Liverpool 2015) (04:34)
09. Jacuzzi (Live in Liverpool 2015) (04:53)
10. Icarus Ascending (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:09)
11. Star of Sirius (Live in Liverpool 2015) (04:33)
12. Ace of Wands (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:32)
13. A Tower Struck Down (Live in Liverpool 2015) (05:03)
14. Shadow of the Hierophant (Live in Liverpool 2015) (11:09)
15. Get 'em Out by Friday (Live in Liverpool 2015) (09:31)
16. Can-Utility and the Coastliners (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:14)
17. After the Ordeal (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:53)
18. The Cinema Show (Live in Liverpool 2015) (10:58)
19. Aisle of Plenty (Live in Liverpool 2015) (01:32)
20. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Live in Liverpool 2015) (04:48)
21. The Musical Box (Live in Liverpool 2015) (13:04)
22. Clocks (Live in Liverpool 2015) (06:06)
23. Firth of Fifth (Live in Liverpool 2015) (13:40)
24. Live in Liverpool - Behind the Scenes (34:05)
25. Somewhere South Of The River - Rehearsal Documentary (22:49)
26. Corycian Fire (music video) (06:05)
27. Wolflight (music video) (08:02)
28. Love Song To A Vampire (music video) (09:25)
29. Blu-Ray Menu (01:39)