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Desolation Rose (Ltd. Edition Mediabook)

: 2 CD
: 28.10.2013
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The Flower Kings - the masters of cinematic and melodic symphonic rock are back with their new studio album!

“Desolation Rose” is an epic 10 song cycle; an album that revolves around some of the more disturbing observations of mankind's failure to create the paradise they once hoped for – and the greed, fear and ignorance that caused that failure.

From the opening 14-minute tour-de-force that is ‚Tower‘, right through the moody swagger of ‚White Tuxedo‘ and beyond, this album sees the band crafting what might be their most varied album yet.

The Flower Kings are truly back where they belong, at the beating heart of the modern day progressive rock scene, and ‚Desolation Rose‘ is a testament to their continued vibrancy, sonic potency and determination to keep the music driving forward.

Titel Desolation Rose (Ltd. Edition Mediabook)
The Flower Kings
[2 CD]
InsideOut Music

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Disc 1
01. Tower ONE (13:39)
02. Sleeping Bones (04:16)
03. Desolation Road (04:00)
04. White Tuxedos (06:30)
05. The Resurrected Judas (08:24)
06. Silent Masses (06:17)
07. Last Carnivore (04:22)
08. Dark Fascist Skies (06:05)
09. Blood Of Eden (03:12)
10. Silent Graveyards (02:52)
Disc 2
01. Runaway Train (04:50)
02. Interstellar Visitations (08:07)
03. Lazy Monkey (02:26)
04. Psalm 2013 (02:05)
05. The Wailing Wall (03:20)
06. Badbeats (05:20)
07. Burning Spears (03:15)
08. The Final Era (02:58)